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Indus Institute of Pharmacy and Research

The Indus Institute of Pharmacy and Research was established in 2022. The administration is dedicated to giving the students the setting and assistance they need for career preparation and growth. Even while the institution is primarily concerned with providing academic and extracurricular opportunities to a lively school community, it is aware of its responsibility to contribute entirely to society as a whole. Students enter college young, immature, unsure and bewildered, but they leave its doors still young but much more mature, self-assured, and prepared to lead rich lives of their own while also enriching that of society. This is evidence of the college's consistent and unwavering efforts in this direction.

Our goal is to establish a reputable, all-encompassing educational institution that effectively pursues greatness while fostering a noble character in each gifted pharmacy student. The Best Pharmacy College in India is committed to advancing knowledge and educating students in subjects that help to foster a learning environment that promotes the development of skills. Bring out the best and most successful pharmacy experts to competently and devotedly lead the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. High-Quality Academic Environment, Result-Oriented Programs, and Above All, determination to develop a centre of excellence in applied sciences are some of its distinguishing features.

Objective of the Indus Institute of Pharmacy and Research

The goal of the Indus Institute of Pharmacy and Research is to develop world-class pharmacists who are prepared to meet the present and future demands of their profession and society at large. The Institute aspires to be acknowledged as one of the nation's top institutions for pharmacy education. Providing students with a high-quality education and developing them in the area of pharmaceutical sciences through a capable workforce and supporting infrastructure. We strive for the holistic development of the students so they can contribute ethically and wisely to many parts of pharmacy and social welfare, thereby raising the standard of living.

Indian ethos in education is something that the Indus Institute of Pharmacy and Research aims to create and deliver. As a result, the introduction and competency development programme here enriches the learning. In order to transmit the Indian value system to the professionals of the future, these are provided through interactive and communicative exchanges with industry professionals, experts, gurus, and practitioners who provide insight into the rich heritage of Indian culture and practises of ethical disciplines. A programme to provide students with "earn and learn" chances are also being developed, and pilot programmes will shortly be running in the upcoming semester.

Bachelor in

B.Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy) degree is a job-focused graduate degree to work with Pharmaceutical sectors. The B.Pharm programme lasts four years and eight semesters. Due to its broad scope and numerous job options, the B.Pharm degree is one of the most sought-after degrees. The B.Pharm curriculum includes all parts of healthcare, including biochemical topics that relate to the creation of medications and their use in accurate diagnosis. Students learn about a broad range of subjects including Pharmaceutical Technology, Industrial Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Phytopharmaceutical, Pharmacology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacy Management etc.


This course encourages the acquisition of all the skills necessary to counsel patients on the use of drugs and medications and offers a thorough theoretical and applied grasp of pharmaceuticals. The programme mixes a range of practical activities with academic lessons in relevant subjects. Up to the graduate level, pharmacy education and practice in India are overseen by the Pharmacy Council of India [PCI], a statutory body governed by the terms of the Pharmacy Act approved by the Indian Parliament. The B.Pharma curriculum lasts four years and eight semesters. The B.Pharma degree is one of the most sought-after degrees due to its vast breadth and many career choices.


Department Activities

Faculty Achievement

On April 23, 2024, Dr. Falguni Tandel, Principal of IIPR, delivered an Expert Talk at Khyati College of Pharmacy on the topic of 'QA for Continuous Quality Improvement' with the aim of providing insights and strategies to enhance quality assurance practices for ongoing improvement in academic and institutional standards.

Faculty Achievement

Dr. Falguni Tandel published two book chapters entitled “Analytical Quality by Design” & “API Quality by Design” in the book “Introduction to Quality by Design (QbD) From Theory to Practice” published by international publisher:Springer Nature, Singapore, on April 10,2024.

Expert Talk on Quality Perspective in Pharmaceutical Industry

Indus Institute of Pharmacy and Research, Indus University had organized an expert talk on Quality perspective in Pharmaceutical Industry on April 3,2024 for pharmacy students. The session was delivered by Dr. Keur Ahir, Assistant Manager, Amneal India Pharmaceutical Ltd. Ahmedabad. The session covered key topics such as Regulatory Requirements, Quality Management Systems, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Quality Control Techniques, and Eemerging Ttrends in Quality assurance. The students gained knowledge about implementation of these principles in pharmaceutical companies to achieve highest standards of quality and contribute to improving healthcare outcomes worldwide.